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Cloverdale Mine encompasses 80 arces of privately owned deeded parcels of land. The land is mineral rich in vast quantities of precious metals and rare earth elements, especially in Cerianite (Ce), Gold (Au), Scandium (Sc), Silver (Ag) and Palladium, there are other REE minerals such as Lithium, Neodymium and Dysprosium.

The property has ample water rights, permitted to discharge "up to 1,000,000 gallons per day, from dewatering pipes" (in NI 43-101 report), there are 20 acre feet of "deeded" water rights. The drought does not seem to affect this water supply. There were 4 monitoring wells which had been tested every 90 days, when plant was operating. This report is effective as of July 2018 (reviewed and update January 2023).

LOCATION: about 50 miles northwest of Tonopah, the county seat of Nye County. The Gold Flats alluvial fan covers about 50 square miles. Most of the ground is public domain, know as BLM (Bureau of land Management). Previously there were 10 160 acre claims on 1,600 plus BLM land. The mining operations stopped late November 2014, due to a seasonal shutdown. The plant ran long enough for testing of the ores and water flows. There are no liens on the deeded parcels.

OTHER MINES: Property is located within 30 miles of Manhatten Mine and Round Mountain Mine. These mines have recovered over 20,000,000 Oz Au of Gold.

ASSAY REPORTS: were completed in 2009, on both the deeded 40 acres and 1,600 BLM land. (see attached ) Geological report has 3 assays and a 100 Ton, Bulk Sample results. These reports were completed for the Tom Funnery and Cloverdale claims. "Reports show a 100 Ton bulk sample, referenced in the geologist report, showing 4.48 troy oz. button recovered using Placer methods. Ralph Wilcox, JR, Geologist stated "..derived from one or more epithermal volcanic gold systems, has the potential to contain one million ounces of economically recoverable gold". Also in June of 2008, Ralph Wilcox Jr, Geologist, stated "in my conclusion.. then the target concept for Gold Flats is a Bajada (desert alluvial fan) placer deposit containing something on the order of one million ounces of economically recoverable gold" "Typically, in an ancient riverbed, Cloverdale Creek, the deeper gravels near bedrock yield higher ore values."

The global rare earth metals market size is expected to reach a valuation of US$ 14.6 billion by 2033. The market is valued at US$ 5.6 billion as of 2023 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period.
Future Market Insights Inc 12/2022

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